How to get vapor film residue off windshields

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If you vape in your car you may notice that vegetable glycerine tends to leave an oily film on windshields. Its annoying and impairs your vision, but how do you clean it off?

Avoid vapor residue buildup

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Try rolling down the windows, turning on the air, and blowing away from the windshield to avoid the buildup of vapor residue in the first place.

Stoner’s Invisible Glass

Specialty cleaning products

Lots cleaning wipes marketed specifically for cleaning car windows simply smear the film around and make things worse. The same holds true when using windex and paper towels.

What works to clean vapor film?

The most reported product to successfully clean vapor film off windshields is a product called Stoner Invisible Glass. Some have reported success with Mr Clean’s Magic Eraser but we do not recommend this as it works much like a very fine grit sandpaper.