Where to buy Puff Bars?

As you may already know the industry, and JUUL in particular, have been under attack and accused of targeting minors. Specifically, prohibitionists and opportunist politicians have seized upon the EVALI lung illness outbreak to target flavored vaping products. We in the vaping industry knew all along that it was caused by Illegal THC cartridges all along, but the CDC seemingly deliberately delayed admitting that in order to enable the passage of numerous flavor bans.

The Flavor Ban

When president Trump announced on 09/11/2019 that he would ban flavored vaping products, he did not expect pushback from the industry and consumers, many of whom voted for him. He seemed to really know nothing about the industry and trusted the word of Health & Human Services (HHS) secretary Alex Azar.  Little did he know, Azar is a prohibitionist whose views on this subject align with the wrong political party. To his credit, Trump began to back off his original strong statement and sought out a meeting that included industry representatives like Gregory Conley (AVA) and Tony Abboud (VTA).

When all was said and done, the FDA announced the flavor ban would be restricted to pre-filled cartridges and pods only. However, all-in-one disposable units were specifically exempted in a footnote.

Introducing Puff Bars

Puff Bar is known for being ridiculously easy to use, since it’s a completely disposable device that you just puff away until it dies and then toss it in the trash. They come in numerous flavors, and are stated to last for 300 puffs. The nic salt formula inside each puff bar is designed to deliver that same satisfying combination of vapor and flavor you are accustomed to with your old JUUL device. You can buy puff bars here or check out other more affordable, more available, and comparable quality disposable vape bars here.

You don’t need to worry about recharging or changing coils, however it can get extremely wasteful and is not any more cost effective than JUUL pods.  They are best suited for anybody who struggles with maintaining their vapes.

Puff Bar Flavors

Puff Bars come in numerous flavors so there is something for everybody. Fruit fans will love mango, strawberry, OMG, or blue razz flavors, while more classic vapers will love tobacco and cool mint.

What do vapers say?

Puff Bar users enjoy the compact form factor and ease of use of a disposable device. Its particularly convenient for those whose fingers may have trouble handling the small coil heads in refillable devices.

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