WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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What is the PACT act?

The PACT act severely restricts the shipment of tobacco products. It was redefined to include all vaping products effective as of 03/27/2021. Among other things, the PACT act mandates:

  • Online sellers must collect all state excise taxes
  • A 21+ Adult ID must be shown to receive shipments
  • The USPS must prohibit shipment of vapor products by 04/27/2021
  • UPS, FedEx, and DHL have also prohibited shipment of vapor products

UPDATE: USPS failed to meet the mandatory deadline to issue their new rule prohibiting vapor product shipments. Nobody knows when it will come, but it can be at any time, without warning, and effective immediately. In the meantime we can continue shipping USPS, and we have reverted some of our more problematic courier territories back to USPS.

Why is the "Tax" so high on my order?

All online sellers are now required to collect all applicable state, county, and tribal tobacco excise taxes. Since most retail stores hide those taxes in the retail prices products you may have simply not known just how high those taxes may be. As online sellers who ship to multiple low-tax and no-tax states, it is far more transparent on its own line item and may come as a shock to some people just how high they are. 

Different states have different tax schemes based on wholesale price, retail price, ml of liquid, and type of product. We've compiled a simplified table of estimated tax for the most popular products.

StatePack of JUUL PodsBUZD DisposableOther DisposableELiquid Depot BottleOther Liquid Bottle
New Hampshire$0.84$1.50$1.50$0.20$0.72
New Jersey$0.28$0.50$0.50$1.20$1.50
New Mexico$2.00$0.50$0.50$0.33$1.13
North Carolina$0.14$0.25$0.25$6.00$5.00
West Virginia$0.21$0.38$0.38$9.00$7.50

Why is shipping so expensive?

In the past we had fantastic shipping rates with FedEx. USPS is far more expensive, especially with the legally required "21+ Adult Signature" option which adds $6.70 to the price. With the average shipping cost more than doubling we had no choice but to increase our free shipping threshold. You will find the same thing happening across the industry.

Will you still be able to ship orders to me?

With all national shipping companies prohibiting vapor products, we are building our own network of local couriers who are willing to work with this industry.  This requires shipping batches of packages to them by freight, which has high minimum charges and necessitates batches going out only once or twice per week for some destinations.

Unfortunately that also means some customers will be left with no shipping option at all. We hope to expand our shipping territory soon. Our map below may not reflect pending territories or may be out of date as this situation is rapidly changing at this time.

Shipment tracking may also reflect some "gaps" between us and the couriers as we work to integrate freight tracking. Statuses may also be incorrect as we work to properly interpret data from the courier software. We ask for your patience as we work out these issues.

Current Shipping TerritoryShipping Territory Map

State & Local Laws

Aside from the federal law there are some state and municipal bans that we must enforce.

We cannot ship any products to Maine, Vermont, New York, Arkansas, South Dakota, Utah, Chicago, or San Francisco.

We cannot ship flavors besides tobacco to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New Jersey.

We cannot ship flavored pods or disposables besides tobacco to Maryland.