ELiquid Depot  Beard

Strawberry cheesecake

80% VG / 20% PG

120ml Bottle

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Charles B.

Dec 20, 2018
First time using this site and was a bit nervous considering how cheap the juice is. I received my order and was completely surprised! I tried the throne first and it's pretty good but I love the beard. Extremely tasty. Definitely will order again. Thank you eliquid Depot!
Joseph W.

Dec 6, 2018
I really enjoyed this juice taste exactly like its advertise

Nov 23, 2018
This is by far one of my favorites!

Nov 11, 2018
I have been vaping for some time. I open my review with that so I can acknowledge that I am learning all about the aspects of vaping. I ordered this Wonderful Cheesecake Vape and honestly of all the reviews, they all were spot on! Something to take into account when vaping is that if you are dissatisfied with the taste in the beginning, I too recommend steeping for a bit, ofc you don't need to steep for a very long time, just til it tastes right for you!
When first trying it I wasn't impressed to be honest. I did, though, learn that steeping is a thing. On that note. Now that it's been steeped on and off for just a few short days-The end result is this--I can absolutely taste all of the elements of the Cheesecake personified in this spectacular juice! I mean Strawberry to start cream cheeses in the middle and at the very end, oh yeah you guessed it, even the Grahm cracker crust! I can easily say that I will be happy to pass along this information if I find any other friends of mine that get into vaping!

I can easily say this one last thing! "I am relieved that I quit smoking and started vaping!"

Thank You for taking time to read this extensive look at how I view this Delicious Juice!


Jul 29, 2018
I order this one frequently, love the flavor. My girlfriend and I both love this one

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