ELiquid Depot  Hipster

Creamy dark roast cafe latte

80% VG / 20% PG

120ml Bottle

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Sean H.

Feb 12, 2019
This one took a little getting used to but not because it's a bad juice - it's actually a really great juice! The flavor is like a sugar free bold dark roast coffee. Now, I like sugar in my coffee so it was a bit too bold for me at first. By the time I finished my first bottle, I was ordering my own coffee with less sugar! A great flavor for a hardcore coffee lover.
Derrick R.

Feb 9, 2019
All I can say is this is my first order ever with e juice Depot and this Hipster is freaking amazing!!! I absolutely love it, it taste dead on to the discription, I get a really good aftertaste of dark roast coffee and on the inhale a creamy coffee capacino , I highly recommend this flavor you'll definitely fall in love with it like I have! E liquid Depot you all Rock

Feb 2, 2019
Best definition me and my buds described this, the intake takes like dark roast coffee and when you breath out . you get an "Smack cereal" taste. I use mine at .3% and it goes down smooth
James K.

Jan 16, 2019
Freakin amazing!! This is my favorite so far I'm new to vaping so I haven't tried alot but this one here is awesome Its great with a cup of hot coffee in the morning
Thomas M.

Nov 26, 2018
My absolute favourite, says exactly what it tastes like, Creamy, Dark Roast Latte. If you're a true coffee flavour lover, this juice will not disappoint, especially at these prices. Happy Vaping!

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