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Tear Drop

Candied caramel apple pear

120ml Bottle

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Lawrenda B.

May 19, 2018
Absolutely on love with Tear Drop. The flavor is spot on. Was not as sweet as I wanted, but easily solved. Will be putting this in my cart for my next order. My new ADV. 9
Josh Ambrutis

Apr 10, 2018
What a beautiful, complex flavor! This is not an everyday vape for me, but one I will always have on hand in the closet. It's just a bit too rich for daily vaping for me, but take it out for a treat, and I'm in love.

Warm sweet inhale with notes of caramel and a hint of cinnamon, and a super sweet exhale that's reminiscent of a vanilla butter cream. Again, very sweet, robust exhale, which is why I can't vape it for days but love taking it out once in while.

This is my first order from Eliquid Depot and I'm very satisfied. I LOVE the "Born on" date on the bottle, really helps with steeping, which this juice really doesn't need a lot of, but the flavor tones really stand out on a good steep. But geeze, can we make the nicotine warning smaller or on the back? Ruins the look of the nice label.

Tested on following RDAs: Digiflavor Drop, Desire Rabies (with a quad coil build), LostArt Goon Squonk, Geek Vape Peerless, and Cloud Chasers Inc 30mm Centurion. Everything beautiful, the flavor even comes through strong on the Centurion which is usually pure cloud, weak flavor. Would totally stay away from tanks with this, very thick juice, and very sweet usually equals clogged burnt coils.
Jesse C.

Mar 3, 2018
I've been vaping for about 2 years now and have tried many liquids from various sources and this flavor is one of the tastiest that I have had. All of the flavors are smooth yet prominent. Most caramel flavors I've had taste artificial but this one combined with sweet Apple and pear actually tastes natural. This is one of my new go to flavors for ADV.
Chris H.

Feb 17, 2018
This has a light and pleasant caramel-apple taste. The caramel flavor was the most prominent for me. Definitely something you can ADV on. Would buy again.
James L.

Dec 16, 2017
Best I have ever tried, all the flavors are there I can taste

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